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Rubber Parts & Accessories

We produce a range of punched, cut, extruded, sheet and fabricated silicone rubber gaskets. Silicone gaskets are used to prevent leaks between different substrate sections in a wide range of applications. At K.O.S, we have the facilities to manufacture custom made gasket and O rings in-house, produced from the highest quality silicone material of Japanese origin. We can produce to customer specifications say, Flame retardant silicone gasket by using appropriate material. They also have exceptional UV and ozone properties which makes them suitable for outdoor applications. Being an inert material, silicone generally does not react to the majority of chemicals, which means that it is popular for use in medical and industrial applications. Silicone rubber gaskets are high-performance mechanical seals with an extraordinary resistance to extreme temperatures in both hot and cold environments. Silicone rubber gaskets can remain flexible at temperatures between -100°C to +230°C.

Rubber Part and accessories is made by different rubber compounds. Rubber is composed of many ingredients that include the base elastomer, vulcanization agents, fillers and plasticizers. By differing the rubber compounds ratio, one can reinforce the properties such as, can increase elongation by adding the plasticizers.
The rubber materials varying in durometer (Shore A) hardnesses can be used to satisfy industrial design for example Viton, Nitrile, Ethylene Propylene, Neoprene, TPE, Silicone rubber, etc.

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