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K.O.S. High-Tech Outsourcing Solutions LTD. was established on 2004 as a private sales representative of far east manufacturers to satisfy the new growing demands of the Israeli high-tech Industry for excellent outsourcing production solutions.

Since then our business increased to a large spectrum of outsourcing solutions, including Custom and Shelf sophisticated products, engineering solutions and services.

high speed pcb.jpg

Our Mission

  • To be a leading supplier of Membrane Switches, Flexible strips, PCB, Backplanes, Cable Assembly, Metal Sheet & Cabinets and other Electrical sophisticated components in the Israeli High Tech industry.

  • To provide high level of full Outsourcing Solutions & Turnkey Solutions including Projects Costing & Purchasing services.

  • To penetrate into the Israeli market by providing excellent Outsourcing Services to our customers in the Israeli High-Tech Industry.

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