Rubber Chest Belt 

Rubber Chest Belt made of silicone rubber or other rubber compounds is the traditional chest belt connected to an elastic band to fit the customer designed housing and bluetooth heart rate sensor.

 - 10 years experience in manufacturing conductive rubber chest belt.
 - Meet EU Standard (5+ years) for the high standard requirement of conductive rubber chest belt( Nonylphenol, Phthalates, PAHs and Organotin)
 - Establish a technical team to follow up the production in designated workshop for making conductive rubber chest belt.
 - Professional QC team for inspection


  • Smooth Surface

  • Waterproof

  • Low Resistance < 1,000 Ohm

  • Thickness < 3 mm

Conductive Rubber Chest Belt Structure

Specification of Conductive Rubber Chest Belt

 - Material : Rubber

(Mixed with around 10 sub-materials)

 - Hardness : 70 +/- 5 Shore A

 - Production Method : Compression Molding

 - Surface Treatment : Coating

 - Resistance from area A to B less than 1K ohm

 - Tooling : Tailor-made ~ High Impact Stainless Steel

 - Daily Output : 1,500 sets / tool

Specification of Conductive Rubber Chest Belt

Compression Curves

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